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George Jones

  • Titel
    • Ragged But Right; The Starday Years pluss...(3CD)
  • Label
    • Fantastic Voyage
  • Import
    • EC
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    • € 19,95
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Disc: 1
1. No Money In This Deal [with The Western Cherokees]
2. You re In My Heart [with The Western Cherokees]
3. Play It Cool Man, Play It Cool [with The Western Cherokees]
4. Wrong About You [with Sonny Burns]
5. Let Him Know
6. You All Goodnight
7. Heartbroken Me [with Sonny Burns]
8. Hold Everything
9. What s Wrong With You
10. Why Baby Why
11. Seasons Of My Heart
12. Still Hurtin
13. What Am I Worth?
14. Your Heart
15. I m Ragged But I m Right
16. Rock It [as Thumper Jones]
17. How Come It [as Thumper Jones]
18. It s OK
19. You Gotta Be My Baby
20. Boat Of Life
21. Taggin Along
22. Gonna Come Get You
23. Just One More
24. Yearning as thumper jones
25. Uh, Uh, No
26. Don't Stop The Music
27. Too Much Water
28. All I Want To Do
29. Opry Rag [as George Jones' String Band]
Disc: 2
1. Flame In My Heart [with Virginia Spurlock]
2. No No Never [with Virginia Spurlock]
3. Hearts In My Dreams
4. Tall Tall Trees
5. Cup Of Loneliness
6. Take The Devil Out Of Me
7. New Baby For Christmas
8. Maybe Next Christmas
9. Color Of The Blues
10. Eskimo Pie
11. Nothing Can Stop My Love
12. I m With The Wrong One [with Jeanette Hicks]
13. (I m A) Wandering Soul
14. Jesus Wants Me
15. Treasure Of Love
16. If I Don't Love You (Grits Ain't Groceries)
17. White Lightnin
18. Long Time To Forget
19. Into My Arms Again
20. Who Shot Sam?
21. If You Want To Wear A Crown
22. My Lord Has Called Me
23. Big Harlan Taylor
24. Money To Burn
25. Accidentally On Purpose
26. Sparkling Brown Eyes
27. Have Mercy On Me
28. If You Believe
Disc: 3
1. Ragged But Right [alt. take]
2. Yearning [with Jeanette Hicks, alt. take]
3. Hold Everything [alt. take]
4. Any Old Time
5. I ll Take The Chance
6. Sweet Dreams
7. Heartbreak Hotel [as Thumper Jones]
8. Singing The Blues
9. One Is A Lonely Number
10. Maybe Little Baby
11. Run Boy
12. I m A One-Woman Man
13. Settle Down
14. Heartbroken Me [alt. take]
15. Rain, Rain
16. Frozen Heart
17. I ve Got Five Dollars (And It s Saturday Night)
18. Cause I Love You
19. You Never Thought
20. Don t Do This To Me
21. Gotta Talk To Your Heart
22. Good Old Bible
23. Will The Circle Be Unbroken
24. We ll Understand It
25. That s The Way I Feel
26. Give-Away Girl
27. No Use To Cry
28. You re Back Again
29. Life To Go