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Buddy Holly

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    • That Makes It Sound So Much Better! (Jack Hansen Combo)
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Buddy Holly with The Jack Hansen Combo: THAT MAKES IT SOUND SO MUCH BETTER - CD version. Buddy Holly's 'apartment tapes' are well-known, particularly the six songs he wrote in December 1958 and recorded on his Ampex 401A tape-recorder. These were heard first in the overdubbed versions produced by Jack Hansen in 1959 and 1960. Many fans prefer Buddy's original guitar and vocal demos to the later overdubbed versions. But the Jack Hansen versions - using some of New York's finest session musicians, who were never really a Combo - are still the ones that most fans remember. There were many flaws in the overdubbing, emphasised by the fact that Buddy Holly never envisaged the tracks he made being used to create commercial releases and thus did not stick to strict tempo timing. And the equipment used to mix the original 3-track tapes was primitive compared to today's computer-based technology. Modern technological advances have enabled us to remix the tracks and errors in timing have also been corrected by producer Chris Hopkins. Chris spent many hours on each track, creating the best versions you will ever hear of the six recordings. All have been remixed into mono and stereo versions ... you will hear instruments you never heard before and the overall quality will surprise you! The CD comes with a 36-page illustrated booklet with full details about the recordings and the re-mastering process.
TRACKS: 1. That's What They Say 2. What To Do 3. Peggy Sue Got Married 4. That Makes It Tough 5. Crying Waiting Hoping 6. Learning The Game. STEREO: 7. Studio talk 8. That's What They Say 9. Crying Waiting Hoping* 10. Count-in 11. Learning The Game 12. Peggy Sue Got Married* 13. Studio talk 14. What To Do 15. Studio talk 16. That Makes It Tough (* mono created stereo)